Letter from the President

The word community has a few different meanings according to the dictionary. The one idea that remains constant in each definition is the word "common." It is what we have in common in Buffalo that makes our community so extraordinary.

I am honored to have started both my career and my family in Buffalo, and I am proud to call Western New York my home. That is something I have in common with over 40 of my fellow Buffalo Sabres alumni members. The most common question we are asked is, "Why did you choose to stay in Buffalo?" No matter which alumnus is asked, the answer is always the same: "It's because of the community." While living and playing in Buffalo, I have met many wonderful people from all different backgrounds. The one thing that we all have in common is our pride in our community.

I have the privilege of being the next President of the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association. During the years ahead as President, I look forward to working with all of you for the greater good of the community. Our goals are clear yet challenging. We believe with communication and determination we can strengthen our community and make it a better place for all of us. We recognize how fortunate we are to have been given so much community support, and we believe it is our responsibility to give back. Whether it is raising money for charity, helping someone reach his dreams, or bringing a smile to a child's face, our mission is to make a difference. I am proud to represent my fellow alumni and lead them in this endeavor.

Many events scheduled throughout the year are designed to bring the alumni and community together to achieve our goals. The Alumni Golf Outing, Fishing Derby, and Fall Wine Event are just a few of the ways in which money is raised to support scholarship funds, youth activities, and charitable initiatives such as breast cancer awareness and research. Information about these and other upcoming events can be found on our website.

I invite all of you to join us in pursuit of our common goal. Together, we will continue to make Western New York an extraordinary place to live.

Rob Ray
Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association

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